June 28, 2014

Hi Lyngle & Robert,

Just wanted to share about how much we love China up here with all of our kiddos! The northeast gaited club had a fun show today and we took 8 youth to their first show ever with China and four of our other horses and everyone had a blast! China was absolutely amazing and has been a big favorite with our kids due to her size, smooth gait and extremely well behavior. She did fabulous in obstacle, youth and model classes with a variety of our beginner students. I wanted to share this group picture of her with our students! Can't express how unbelievable she was and how much confidence she gave to our beginner youth riders- she is an outstanding horse with impeccable training and I wanted to thank you both for giving us the opportunity to have purchased her! 

Hope all is well, I know Terry and Chelsea will be visiting you guys this week and they are excited to come down!

Sandman and China have also been used in our special needs camps and have been doing wonderful so thank you again!!




January 18, 2014 (email)


Hello to all the Lawson’s and DeAtley’s!

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.  Robert and Lyngle, I don't think I ever truly expressed my appreciation for all the advice and wisdom you have shared with Bill and I.  We love Buddy and he is such a sweet addition to our family.  We have had such a positive experience working with all of you at Stoner Ridge.  Your expertise and honesty were just what we needed while searching for my forever horse.

But more importantly, sharing your lovely daughter (and son-in-law AND RUBY!) has been a cherished experience.  Erin's patience and knowledge is giving me the confidence that I so desperately needed to become a better rider.  I always look forward to her lessons and "aha" moments with Buddy!

Bill and I would love for you to come to our farm this spring and do a workshop.  I have looked on you website and see many options.  Perhaps Bill and I can come down for a visit and discuss some ideas with all of you.  Once again, God bless all of you and your kindness.

Happy Trails!

Carol Marnell and Bill Stewart

PS - See you soon, Erin!



October 20, 2012

Robert Lawson
Stoner Ridge Farm
Paris, KY

Dear Robert,

   I have known you for five years and worked with you and our horses over that time.  Robert, you always do your very best and produce great results, so when you decided to team up with Millersburg Saddle Co. to design a saddle, I was interested.  It was no surprise that I was very pleased with the results.  As you know, after trying the saddle, I purchased three and all three of us love this saddle.

   I have purchased eight saddles in the last five years trying to find one that ft my horse AND me.  For my horse, I wanted lateral stability without over tightening the cinch and comfort enough to allow him to perform well.  For me, I wanted a comfortable seat, no sore knees, and close contact with my horse.  The Lawson Saddle met these needs for both my horse and myself.

   The quality and unique design of this saddle is excellent.  The workmanship is great and the leather is both tough and beautiful.  What more could one guy ask?  I love this saddle!

   The Lawson Trooper is a great value.  To sum it up: I got a good fit for my horse, comfort for me, beautiful appearance, durability, and a saddle I love to use.  Of all the saddles I own, it is the only one I use.  All this for a reasonable price.

   Thank you Robert and Millersburg Saddle Company


Joe Minard
Waterloo, IA

cc:  Joan Miller, Millersburg Saddle Company


October 19, 2012

Robert Lawson
Stoner Ridge Farm
Paris, KY

Dear Robert,

   About six months ago we purchased three of your new Robert Lawson Trooper Saddles.  It's high time we share our experiences and observations.
   I had been searching for months for a saddle that was comfortable for me and for my horse.  I previously loved riding with a dressage saddle, because of the close contact it provided and it's lighter weight.  The problem was, it was making my horses back sore.
   I started trying different types of saddles, including treeless, flex-tree, standard trooper saddles, and anything else I could find.  I found some were fine for her, but would leave my lower back sore, or were much heavier than what I was used to, or at the very least left me feeling like I had no contact with my horse.
   In all of our searching, my husband had settled on a popular gaited horse saddle, made by a very good company, and my sister stuck with the saddle she had been using.  I was using and older, gaited horse saddle that didn't work well for me but seemed to work for my horse.  (Keep in mind, I have a gaited horse for two reasons:  I love the Rocky Mountain horse for their disposition, and I NEED the gaited horse for my back.)  The compromise was that I gave up the close contact and my comfort for the sake of my horse.
   Enter the Robert Lawson Millersburg saddle.  At first glance it looks similar to the traditional trooper, but more sleek.  What I found was an amazingly light (16 lb.) saddle, contact with my horse that was as good as my dressage saddle, a different contour that took pressure off my lower back and a very soft cushion seat.  It also seems like the stirrup placement is more advantageous and comfortable AND my lovely mare loves it.  She has never exhibited any sign of soreness.
   My husband tried the slightly larger Robert Lawson saddle, with a slightly more firm seat, loved it and it is now his favorite!  My sister chose one more like mine, and she has used nothing else since.  It fits each horse like a glove, and their gait is free and easy.  Whether this comes solely from the comfort of the horse or that, plus the way it sets you on your horse, the result is great!
   Thank you for solving so many issues for me in one truly inspired design.

Most sincerely,

Sandy Minard
Waterloo, Iowa

June 23, 2012

Robert & Lyngle,

I rode Tessa for the 1st time today and oh my gosh what an amazing horse she is! We went on a trail that was very hard lots if hills, descents, rocks, stairs, bridges, narrow and she did fabulous! I can't believe what an awesome horse I now own thanks to you both. Thank you for selling her to me and you where right, she is the perfect horse for me. She is  so sweet and loving on the ground and under saddle what a brave, sure-footed horse! I am one lucky lady. Thank you so much for holding her for me, letting me ride her in the state park there and just building my confidence back up.

Sweetie was with us and my mom rode her. She did amazing as well with no shoes on! I have a farrier appt to get both their feet done and put front shoes on sweetie but, I was so impressed with how she navigated up and down rocks, stairs etc.

I now have two incredible horses thanks to you! I can't thank you enough.



April 21, 2011

THANK YOU for a wonderful day...........

Great job with the horses and the presentation..........Coming to your farm was very important to put into motion the classroom discussion from the day before.......Your contribution to supporting the RMHA made a difference in educating the attendees.

We have known each other for a long time.......and your unrelenting support to the breed is special.

I may come over this week to take a couple of photos for use in the educational program.........I will call before heading over.

Again, thanks for the generous use of your facilities and horses.

Let's Go and Grow®
Wayne G. Hipsley


April 3, 2012

Oh my gosh, I have so much to tell you.  I will start with the news that is probably most exciting to you.  Sally went to the Special Olympics horseshow on Saturday.  Her rider was a young man with Down's syndrome.  I took Sally and Majic, my RM gelding.  We had three students with us.  Our students won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in almost every class they entered.  Both horses were perfect, quiet, gentle, interested in the children that walked up to see them and perfect when they were in the ring.  I had several people ask me what breed they were, because they were the most impressive horses there.

The other horses there were all aged.  That is the assumption; the horses have to be about 20 to be quiet and calm enough to carry special needs students.  Then, Sally and Majic enter with a spring in their step and bright, shiny coats and they outperform the typical therapy riding horse.  They were truly phenomenal.  So were our students.

Tell Robert that his training shows in Sally.  She did such a perfect job on Saturday.  Every special needs child she met she nuzzled.  The kids were all taken with her.  Thank you so much.  I will send pictures as soon as I receive them from the mom who took them.

Judi Nelson Swingen, PhD
Personnel Administrator
Chesterfield County Public Schools 

Oh, Lyngle!

You and Robert saw me at the very beginning, so you really know what has happened in these 2 1/2 years! You can see all the ways Pacific Sundown (now called Shadow) changed Rogerio's and my life for the better. We didn't get to have children, but we have Shadow, and he is our "child". We love him so much. In the video you didn't get to see Rogerio playing his banjo at the barn. He loves to come out and just chill, walk with Shadow, putz around the barn.

I have loved horses all my life. They have appeared in my dreams throughout my life. I've ALWAYS wanted one. My only opportunity to be with them was when I was a child and my family would go to Yellowstone Park, and I begged to ride a horse. When I hit 59, I just decided that I had to "go for it", but I wasn't sure I was physically fit enough to handle a horse. Please remember that I was in a wheelchair [Kirstin had polio as a child] in 2004 by the time I retired work from CDC.

The person I visited & stayed with before I came to you was a woman (Janet) up in Indiana who had studied with Monty Roberts. She was a friend of a friend. I worked with her for 5 days (all ground work) just to test my endurance and stength - to see if I might be able to develop enough to handle a horse [Kirstin walked with a cane at the time].  I had already been looking for gaited horses. Originally, I was thinking about an Icelandic horse - small, good disposition, gaited.

During my research, someone mentioned the Rocky Mountain breed (which I'd never heard of), so I went on line and found that everything I read and saw of them attracted me. By the time I made the trip up to Indiana, I had identified online three RMH farms I wanted to visit.

Your website attracted me because of Robert's Foundation First training, and just his style. Even on the website I felt like he (y'all) were accessible, experienced, straightforward, yet humble about what you do - not just working a sale. I called him, told him what my circumstances were, asked if he thought he could work with me, despite my age and disability. He was just very welcoming and made me feel comfortable. I came by your farm for the first time on my way back from my visit with Janet. Robert put me on Stormy, and I just knew I'd found the breed and the farm where I would eventually get my horse. So you could definitely say that Stormy, Robert, Erin and you, Lyngle, changed my life at that moment. That was in May of 2008. I went home, started saving money to come for a week of training with y'all, though I didn't imagine or plan on getting a horse of my own for another year or so.

That week I spent staying with you put everything into "fast forward", and I'm sooo glad. Robert can tell you that he called me after I sent him the deposit and asked if I wanted to "sell" Pacific Sundown to a lady who offered an additional $1000 for him!! I was sooo grateful to Robert for the way he handled that, and I'm so grateful I stayed with my choice. I LOVE that horse.

Lyngle, I'm so happy for you in your new venture and hope you'll let me know how that goes. You are the perfect person to do this! Know that Robert fostered my interest and confidence in training, and YOU kindled my LOVE and confidence in feeling like this all was really possible for me! I'm sure you have done that for many people. So, please, if you're happy for me, know how grateful I am for having lucked out and found you and Robert!! If I dared to dream one more wish it would be to ride with you and Robert one day out on a trail.

Do keep in touch with how your competition goes. I'd love to see photos if you get some!

Love to you both,



Can't express enough how much I appreciate you guys!! Over the last 2 years you all have helped me live out my dream of being able to connect with horses like I've always wanted to. Thanks so much for all your patience, instruction and opportunities to learn and ride!!! Love you guys!! Looking forward to another great year!!!

Kim Hargis Pitts (facebook post)


November 9, 2011

Stoner Ridge Farm
Paris, KY

Dear Robert,

After completing another successful week with you as instructor and trainer, I felt compelled to put a few of my thoughts into words.  A few years ago my wife and I decided to explore horse ownership and the surrounding activities as a new hobby.  Of course we soon learned there was much more to it than finding a horse and hitting the trail. 

After being introduced to you and your training facility by mutual friends, we soon found you to be a trainer who would not only work with our horses, but also provide the riding instruction we were unable to find in our area. 

Through the series of clinics you have been willing to conduct at our barn we have found invaluable instruction, first for safety in handling and riding our horses; then during each subsequent visit you would re-assess both our horse’s performance and our riding skills, and give us careful, specific and more advanced instruction for both riders and horses.  Because of this unique one-to-one experience, we have been able to progress from basic safe riding practices and control of or horses, through the more refined riding skills that employ the subtle cues from the rider and more advanced maneuvers for the horses, adding greatly to the enjoyment of the ride.  Each time we completed a clinic we felt we had made measurable progress, and were left with new techniques on which to work; new goals to meet. 

It is safe to say that without your help and guidance we would likely not own horses today.  Regardless of the task at hand, we have always enjoyed and appreciated your professionalism, skill, patience, kindness and friendship.  Thank you again.

Most sincerely,

Joe and Sandy Minard

A Thank You

     We received a lovely card from Janet Dunne after she purchased a great horse from SRF.  The mare was bred, born, and trained at SRF.


“Dear Mr. Lawson,

     I am writing you this letter to thank you for making, “She’s Got Curves” (now called Tess) the best friend I could ever hope for.  She has been an amazing source of joy for me, from the moment she arrived!  Tess and I have connected in a wonderful say.  We ride six days a week, and enjoy our time on trail together.  She trailers beautifully and is always up for a road trip or a new adventure.  I’m also blessed to be able to ride bareback a lot.  She is not spooky and has a level head. 

     My dreams have come true!   Tess completes me, and  I thank you again for making this possible.  I also praise God for allowing this miracle to come to pass!  God is great! 

     Thanks again and God bless you, Janet Dunne


P.S. People see what an amazing horse Tess is and I have passed your name on to those who showed interest.”





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