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Foundation First Mountain Horse Training 


Stoner Ridge Farm provides training services for certification, trail riding, and showing (halter, under saddle, western, driving, canter, versatility, gaited dressage, trail obstacle, equitation, and showmanship).  Boarding can be arranged as space permits.  Lessons and clinics are available for all divisions and every level of rider.

Our Training Philosophy

Foundation First Mountain Horse Training™

Our training philosophy, Foundation First Mountain Horse Training™, consists of communication that teaches understanding rather than relying on mechanics or fear. Our approach teaches  our horses from the ground up by first establishing good ground manners. We stress the importance of gaining trust and respect from the horses we train by minimizing the prey-predator relationship. Our horses learn to give to pressure by moving away from that pressure. They learn to bend and flex laterally as they become supple and compliant. Our foundation first philosophy combines the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of our equine companions. They become responsive and willing before ever being ridden. Our solid foundation provides the essential support needed for all future training regardless of the breed or discipline. In the process of learning new skills, it is not unusual for horses to become frustrated. When we have established a solid foundation first, we can back up in our training process to a point where the horse works well. We allow him time to think and make the right choice. Horses will then be able to move on to the new skill from an attitude of confidence. As when building a house, the strength of the structure depends on a solid foundation. Likewise, the mental attitude, emotional stability, and physical development of our horses depend on the strength of our training program - a program like Foundation First Mountain Horse Training ™.

Mission Statement

     The mission of Stoner Ridge Farm is to serve the needs of our clients and their horses.  We utilize proven horsemanship techniques to reduce horses’ fear as we teach them to respect their handlers. 

We make adjustments to meet the unique needs and talents of each animal  with the goal that every horse meets his highest potential whether it is on the trail, in competitive sports, or in the breeding of potential offspring.  We also hope to build trust and friendship as we help our clients learn about safety, effective ownership, and selection of their equine companions.  to gain knowledge through professional activities and organizations that influence the Mountain Horse industry.

Facilities and Rates


        Stoner Ridge Farm is a full service equine training facility.  We are located in Paris, KY only 30 minutes from the Kentucky Horse Park.  Our facility includes an 84’ x 207’ indoor arena that allows us to train horses year round.  Round pens are set up inside the arena enabling us to work our horses on a daily basis regardless of inclement weather. 


        The 30 stall barn includes a four horse hot-walker that allows proper cooling or conditioning of the horses before and after they are ridden. It also has a restroom and heated/air conditioned office space.  In addition, the barn isle-way is wide enough for riding.  We have five tacking areas/wash bays with both cold and hot water for bathing horses.  There is also an insulated bathing area that is heated when horses need to be sprayed off if the weather is cool.  Several paddocks are located behind the barn for turn-out and a larger pasture is available for mares and foals. Behind the arena is a trail obstacle course and a regulation size dressage pad.  There is pasture on the back of the farm where horses are ridden over the hills and trough the creeks to get them ready for the trails.  Our facility is located on 36 beautiful Bluegrass acres in the heart of thoroughbred country.

  • 30 stalls

  • Hot walker

  • Riding year round

  • Outside arena 

  • 84' x 207' indoor riding area

  • Trail obstacle course

  • Round pens

  • Access to trails

  • Regulation size dressage pad

  • 84’ x 207’ Indoor Arena

Stoner Ridge Farm (2020 Rates)

Full training $700 per month

Hauling/show prep within 50 miles of Paris, Ky. $60 per trip
Hauling/show prep more than 50 miles of Paris, Ky. $.50 per mile both to and from location
Boarding in paddocks $350/Boarding in stalls $400 
Mare care $12 per day

Training Contract

Starting Young Horses

     Stoner Ridge Farm is a full service equine training facility located only 30 minutes from the Kentucky Horse Park in Paris, KY. We utilize proven horsemanship techniques to help reduce horses' fears as we teach them to respect their handlers whether we're starting a horse under saddle or helping a weanling learn to lead. Horses learning to accept a saddle are all started in the round pen. Before a horse is ever put under saddle, he is educated on the ground. We begin teaching horses to flex and bend laterally as they learn to move away from pressure. From this point we slowly introduce the saddle and snaffle bit to the horse only after an equine dentist has removed wolf teeth and prepared the mouth to accept a bit. Once horses are going well in the round pen, we move out into the arena, and out onto the farm.

Building Skill

     After we have horses going well under saddle we begin to build skill.  Horses develop their athleticism and self carriage.  They continue to work on lateral and vertical flexibility.  Horses learn to work off our legs and sidepass.  They become more sure footed and solidify their gait.  From this point, horses are further developed through practice on a variety obstacles.  At this point horses move into specific venues and ways of going dependent upon their unique abilities and preference.  We also offer tune-up services for those horses who may have been turned out for a period of time.  For those owner who want to help their horse learn a new skill, we are available to assist horses moving to additional venues.

     Clinics and Lessons can put you on the road to better horsemanship. If you have been looking for a way to learn more about how to help your gaited horses and haven’t known where to turn, then Charlie DeAtley can point you in the right direction. Individualized instruction will help you learn about the care, and nature of horses.

     Horsemanship is a journey.  To help it be the best trip possible, you’ll need a guide.  Foundation First Mountain Horse Training TM will provide the base that you and your horse need in order to develop the best relationship possible.  If either partner is lacking essential skills, the partnership will suffer.  The Foundation First Equine Training Pyramid© is a guide that shows how both humans and horses grow as they gain knowledge through education.  Human growth is in the middle of the pyramid and equine growth is on each side.   The bottom level shows the foundation.  All additional learning and growth is built on that foundation.  Regardless of the  discipline, the trainers at Stoner Ridge Farm can help you gain the skill you need to form a true partnership with your horse.


Lesson/Clinic Program

 Foundation First Mountain Horse Training™ Lessons/Clinics

Plan Your Clinic            Hold Harmless Agreement

Foundation First Training Pyramid©

The Foundation First Equine Training Pyramid© is a guide that shows how both humans and horses grow as they gain knowledge through education.  The bottom level shows the foundation.  All additional learning and growth is built on that foundation.

Click here to download the Foundation First Training Pyramid©. 


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Stoner Ridge Farm 2023 


Full training (Please direct message for current rates)

Hauling/show prep within 50 miles of Paris, KY, $75 per trip

Hauling/show prep more than 50 miles of Paris, KY, $.60 per mile each way from the show

Boarding in paddocks $350/Boarding in stalls $400

Mare care $12 per day

Click on the Training Agreement for more information.

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